Facing a lengthy stint in a hot kitchen is the last thing anyone looks forward to during the sweltering months of summer. But what to do when the “heat” is on for dinner?

  • There’s always take-out (guilt factor: not the healthiest).
  • Then again, the restaurant with healthier options is open (guilt factor #1: not the most economical; guilt factor #2: there’s a crowd = takes forever!).

If you are looking for some quick and easy recipes to refresh the summer dinner table, here’s a roundup of tasty dinner ideas that will keep you and your family both cool and well-fed.

1. Beat The Clock in 20 Minutes Or Less

Start your engines and your stopwatch and dive into these delicious recipes that get you in and out of the kitchen (and happily munching at the dinner table) in record time.

2. From The Crockpot

On the hottest of days, you won’t believe the tasty dishes you pull out of your beloved crockpot – and without breaking a sweat!

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3. Outta The Salad Bowl

What says refreshment better than a chilled fork and bowlful of cool yumminess? Use your mini chopper to make prep and cleanup a tropical breeze!

4. Off The Grill

For convenience and flavor, nothing beats packets full of individual dinners. Foil keeps cleanup to a minimum.

5. By The Pool

These portable, picnic-by-the-pool dinner ideas leave you nothing to do at mealtime but stick your feet in the water and enjoy.

Hope you found some delicious alternatives to that hot kitchen, and plenty of inspiration to keep your household cool, calm, and satisfied!

Sunshiningly yours,

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