When you think about your dream home, what do you envision being your guests’ first impressions when they first walk through the front door?

  • Are they immediately embraced with a sense of welcome?
  • Do they feel slightly intimidated as tho they should have dressed better or shined their shoes before they came?
  • Are they greeted with a sense of whimsy or humor? Or a calm sense of structure and order?

Whether you’re living in luxury or economy, your dream home or first home, an elegant entryway is within reach with the following tips to warm up your front entrance.

Have A Seat

Seating is such a generous element to include in your entryway if you have the space for it. Giving people a place to sit and remove shoes or wet-weather boots, or simply wait for the person they are there to see, extends graciousness and hospitality the minute they cross the threshold.

It’s also an opportunity to bring your sense of color and style right to the front door!

Ensure the flooring here is capable of bearing up to wet weather! Using a rug just inside the door not only protects the floor from moisture and grime, but it also helps define the space.

Contain Yourself With Storage

As the saying goes, “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” offers another opportunity for guests to feel at home! Nice amenities to consider including if you’ve got the room are:

  • A dish or tray for keys
  • Baskets, racks, or even mudroom cubbies for shoes, books, and other larger items
  • Hooks or, as in the case of the photo above, a coat tree for hanging outerwear, backpacks, and purses

All these help step up the hospitable atmosphere. Having a landing zone like this at the front door is also a nice nudge to help keep things orderly and clutter-free in the rest of your house!

Styling It Out

Guide the Eye

Just like when you decorate any other room, start with a focal point. An ample statement piece such as a mirror or piece of art always looks well hanging over a console or table.

Depending on the size of your entry space you could create a gallery wall with framed family photos, artwork, or plaques inscribed with your favorite verses, quotes or words of greeting.

You could also hang shelving to stage an inspired collection, like a grouping of vintage dishes or pottery that gives a sample taste of your decorating style throughout the rest of the house.

If you walk into a blank wall as you enter and there is not enough room for a table or seating, hang a narrow shelving unit and accessorize it lightly for something cheerful to look at. Green it up with a nice floor plant for extra props.

The point is, having something nice to look at as one enters your home offers an unspoken and cheerful welcome.

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On The Surface

Your landing zone surface is another spot to show off your decorating flair! You just want to leave enough room for it to actually ACT like a landing zone!

Stack a couple of artful books and top them with a colorful piece of glass sculpture, or something organic like a sphere of moss.

Paired items can flank your wall decor, like a pair of candlesticks or lamps.

Group a few items of staggered heights off to one side for an asymmetrical look, leaving the rest of the surface free as a drop zone.

Maybe “less is more” runs closer to your design aesthetic. In this case, a simple console table with a vase of fresh flowers or branches of greenery would be arresting and all that is required.

What Goes Where

Going with a console table, you might have room to tuck a bench or a pair of small ottomans for seating underneath. Large baskets can be both functional and lovely in this spot, as well.

You may want to forego the table altogether and make the bench your main surface, instead. Along with ample seating, this could provide lots of wall space above to hang a rack of vintage hooks for coats, a wreath, or anything else your heart desires!

Fake A Foyer

If your entryway or foyer doesn’t exist, and you walk straight into your living room, you can use the same wall as the front door and put a dresser, console, or even a small-ish table (like maybe even a plant stand) there with a mirror, tray and flower stem as your first-impression/landing zone.

Carving out a hollow in a wall near the door and building in some shallow shelving can create interest – if you are handy or know a great carpenter!

If all else fails, pour on the welcome before entry by creating a landing zone outside your front door with hooks to hang things, some shoe storage, and a few pots of flowering plants next to your welcome mat!

Where There’s A Will …

There’s almost always a way to extend a gracious welcome to visitors, no matter how much space surrounds the threshold. Decide the impression you want to convey to your guests and, even if you can only offer it in micro-bits, deliver the gesture with your own individual personality, sensibility, and style!

Impressionably Yours,
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PS: Want to dig deeper? I am loving this book by Rachel Van Kluyve. Learn the methods she used for creating her own welcoming home, and how you can do the same!

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