Welcome Home!

I guess that’s a little presumptuous of me, isn’t it? Let me rephrase! 

Welcome to My Styled Home!

Sharing a Seat With the Furry Ones, Schnitzel, and Noodle

I am so glad you’ve come to visit our site. I hope as you stand on the doormat and peer in through my open door, you are already feeling the comfort and warmth of this virtual hang-out zone (and maybe even getting a whiff of your favorite freshly baked cookies!!)

Come on inside!

Welcome Home

A Brief History of My Home

I do not come from a heritage that especially valued home. My mother was a self-described tomboy who, from an early age, would have wanted nothing better than to sit behind the steering wheel of anything with tires on it! She did not sew or knit. Her favorite thing to cook was hamburger helper.

As I got older and she figured out I could do that, she was happy to surrender the job to me!

About My Styled Home
Schnitzel Snoozing on the Tub

Don’t get me wrong! I loved my mom and had a pretty fine childhood! She was my campfire girl leader from second grade through high school and was committed to doing her best in everything she did.

She carried on her father’s musical talents as a singer and played the violin. She generously shared her love of music and animals with us. And I am so grateful to carry those torches forward!

But homemaking.

That just wasn’t too much a part of her DNA.

My Styled Home

Somehow it was in mine!

I loved inviting friends of all ages over and cooking for them.

When my Dad said I could plant anything I wanted in a little concrete planter he had built next to our patio, I was over-the-moon! A green thumb was born, and the planter was very carefully filled with pink and purple petunias in a fussy little semi-circle!!

When I got my own room I chose the paint color (pink, of course), asked for white shutters on the window, and drew out a floor plan of how my very own private abode would be laid out.

Before the age of 8, Better Homes and Gardens was already my favorite magazine.

About My Styled Home
Home Is Where Our Heart Is

After graduation opportunities to travel the globe with several musical groups abounded and, I couldn’t resist! Oh, the hospitality and graciousness that was offered to me!

For years I saw the world from inside a bus or motorhome on the way to or from another concert. A bit of a gypsy lifestyle, I guess, but it was a wonderful way to meet amazing people and experience how they lived.

About My Styled Home
Early Touring Days with The Jeremiah People

Even then, I could hardly wait for days off to go shopping at the local malls and run my fingers through carpeting samples, visit the housewares departments, and pick out throw pillows for my home in the distant future.

Eventually, that distant future finally arrived, and those neglected nesting instincts kicked into full gear.

As our son entered the school-age years, my time and hands were free to explore design. I became fascinated with gardens, beginning with the ancient kitchen gardens of Benedictine monasteries, and started taking short courses and symposiums in England. (The English Garden magazine has completely taken over my infatuation with Better Homes!)

About My Styled Home
Celebrating Our Film School Graduate, Evan

HGTV emerged, and suddenly I knew what I was meant to be! A home stager! I threw myself into every certification training I could find and have been a non-apologetic staging junkie ever since!

Through all these phases of exploration and study, our home has gone from a nice big place to a really wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous home.

This is not said to boast. You will probably never see it in a full-color magazine.

Our home is beautiful because it has an order and rhythm to it that good design facilitates. It allows us to nurture our talents, to function with ease, to share an intimate meal with friends or a crowd of 85! It speaks of who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going.

About My Styled Home
My Hubby, Scott, The Grillmeister

I feel everyone should be able to go home to a place filled with the people and things they treasure, and one that represents who they are.

Dorothy’s famous phrase from the Wizard of Oz says it best: There’s no place like home!

What’s the Point?

Here is my statement of purpose. I want to wave the banner for home. In a world and culture where taking care of a home is somehow demeaning, I want to stand up for “liberty and justice,” …and a house beautiful… “for all.”

I want more people to know what it is like to feel nurtured and cared for in a place that is safe and clean and cheerful and warm. I want them to be able to walk out of a world of chaos into an abode of order and peace.

I want you to know that wherever you call home, it can be beautiful! I want to help you get to the point where you can finally, wholeheartedly say “there’s no place like my home!”

Hope you enjoy what we have for you here! If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Joyce Anderson
Founder, MyStyledHome.com

PS: If you would like to get a glimpse of how our home looked all decked out for our city foundation’s 2017 Holiday Home Tour, you can watch the highlight reel for a virtual walk-through here. For more detail of each area, check out my Holiday Design Ideas series in the blog roll under Seasonal Decorating. πŸ˜€

PPS: If you are in the midst of a home decorating project of your own, be sure to grab a copy of my free Design Cheat here.